Short Bio

 I’ve been playing guitar since I was 5 and performing since I was 7.  I wrote my first song when I was also 7 and in 2017, I was invited to join on stage for  the 'Song Writers Series' at the  CCMA’s, a huge honour and the youngest writer ever to be on that stage!  

Starting from age 11, I have opened for multiple artists including 3 times each for Brett Kissel and George Canyon, plus Aaron Pritchett, Gord Bamford, Granger Smith and Dwight Yoakam.  I perform as both a solo artist as well as with my band and my mix of songs covers a wide range of artists as well as my own music.  

 On July 6th 2018, I released my third single “Roller Coaster”, which was added to Disney Country Radio in L.A. In 2019, I  released 3 singles, including "I Knew", "I Want It Now" and on  Dec. 20th, "Crazy Being Crazy"  which reached #53 on the TRAX Charts and #58 on the Mediabase Chart.  To date, I have accumulated over 1,500,000 streams just on Apple Music & Spotify and 500k views on my YouTube Music Videos.  

2020 got off to a quick start with my latest single "I Got You" released in January followed up with "Something To Do With A Girl in July.  In December I released “Summer Forever, followed up with “Never Not Love You” in March.  My 4th and latest EP titled ‘Upside Down’ was released on April 30th.,   My previous EP titled 'Cloud 9 24/7' was nominated for Album of the Year at the 2020 BC Country Music Awards.  

Following the collapse from Covid, it wasn't until  April 2022, that I released by latest single titled "Us".   In the meantime, I have created my own home recording studio with plans to do some of my own mixing and hopefully do some demos for other artists.  My next single has been in the works for many months, but it is close to ready to be released latter this summer and will reflect a new type of song for my music! 

I’m also an invited member of the 'Brotherhood of The Guitar' and I received a sponsorship from Music Man/Ernie Ball.  I also play keyboard, banjo and drums.